25 November 2008

My Top Ten Thrash Albums

Hot topic of the moment!

In order 1 to 10.
It was a tough call.
But I'm brave. I can face the backlash.

Seasons In The Abyss

Dimension Hatross

Persistence Of Time


How Will I Laugh Tomorrow...

Never Neverland

Time Does Not Heal

Extreme Aggression

Twisted Into Form

Fabulous Disaster

There's bound to be some forgotten gems but I'm pretty confident that that's the list.

Compare this to Some Bastards and CForm's opinion!
Cue: abuse


bastard said...

tough call for sure......annihilator????

u added the ones i was on the cuff about!forbidden & overkill....still no testament.interesting...

bet shanes is the gayest :)

The Clovenhoof Society said...

I commented on your post about Testament.
Not a top 10 for me.
Overkill for sure!
Forbidden I was on the line about, but a relisten confirmed for me.

seaphorm said...

mine is the gayest.

no exodus, as i never listened to them. or annihilator cause they are gay.. actually, at least my gayest choice, is less gay than adrians and has growly vocals.

click on my name

The Clovenhoof Society said...

I included Annihilator as Thrash because I would struggle to have even a Speed Metal top 5!
Surely if Megadeth (Album dependant) are included in Thrash then Annihilator are also inclusive.

bastard said...

i agree about megadeath/annihilator!
we do have 4 the same at least haha....dont know about sepultura either more on the death metal tip i reckon..as for the haunted (shaking my head).....i didnt know u were a s.t fan shane.

seaphorm said...

i like their old stuff better than their new stuff...

seaphorm said...

as for the suicidals... i even bought cyco miko's solo album....

The Clovenhoof Society said...

Well buying that Cyco Miko was a huge mistake wasn't it.

stephen said...

I am so going to listen to that Voivod LP when I get home tonight!