27 November 2008

Top Ten Black Metal Albums

Well I finally got there!
In order. I think. I'm not 100% on the order.

Transylvanian Hunger


Morbid Tales

Isle Of Men

Written In Waters

Hades Rise


The Shadowthrone

Beyond The Apocalypse

Kronet Til Konge

Bitch away

25 November 2008

My Top Ten Death Metal Albums

Wow! If you thought picking 10 thrash albums was hard try picking Death Metal Albums!
I think this will cause more of a stir and definately pull up more varied opinions.
In order again 1 to 10!

Individual Thought Patterns

Morbid Tales



Effigy Of The Forgotten



10 Commandments

Soul Of A New Machine

Matando Gueros

Argue after the exclamation mark!

My Top Ten Thrash Albums

Hot topic of the moment!

In order 1 to 10.
It was a tough call.
But I'm brave. I can face the backlash.

Seasons In The Abyss

Dimension Hatross

Persistence Of Time


How Will I Laugh Tomorrow...

Never Neverland

Time Does Not Heal

Extreme Aggression

Twisted Into Form

Fabulous Disaster

There's bound to be some forgotten gems but I'm pretty confident that that's the list.

Compare this to Some Bastards and CForm's opinion!
Cue: abuse

29 October 2008

The Best thing On TradeMe EVER!!

Zentai suits from Porirua!


welcome to qpids costumes if theres anything you don't see just ask you will be suprised at what I can get :)

This is made to your size & weight for best fit. Or you can choose from the sizes below. Please allow time to be made

full total body coverage for use with fetish wear, costume for halloween, playtime & many more uses

comes with a 2 way zip in the back to get in & out of the suit easiler.

because of a new suplier I can now do custom sizing of height/weight, chest, waist,hip and inside leg (inseam leg) measurement

Now you all know what to get me for xmas!

25 October 2008

Usine - Quetzalcoatl (Cassette Demo)

Ok here's a rip from cassette of the Usine demo Quetzalcoatl, circa 1995.
I'll scan a picture of the cover and put it up at some point.

Usine - Quetzalcoatl (1995)

Purity Control

The B Side was a recording of our first live show at The Wailing Bongo in Hamilton on the 1st of June 1995. Also features noodly fillers.

Total Machine Dyslexia<live

DL Usine - Quetzalcoatl via Mediafire
DL Usine - Live 01 June 95 via Mediafire

Well Looky Here!

Look what I found.
A wad of history!

20 May 2008

Dear everyone you should be listening to The Headless Children by WASP

15 May 2008

dear everyone get digsby! just totally changed my life http://ping.fm/DHaK2

09 May 2008

@tw I was a dead man in a car today

06 May 2008

My Musical Obsessions

Well any way I seem to go through this mini-obsessions, it's really weird, I'll obsess about a band for like a week (sometimes more, sometimes less) and then I'll flit onto something else. Some of these obsessions will roll around other obsessions and then resurface later on.
Now these obsessions will either be bands I have listened to for years and suddenly I'll start listening to them again, bands I have just discovered or even bands that I have been listening to a little recently
Here are my current obsessions (Just so you know):

Island - Orakel
Island - Orakel
The National - Boxer
The National (All albums except for the first one which is poo)
The Decemberists - Castaways And Cutouts
The Decemberists - Castaways and Cutouts
M83 - Saturdays = Youth
M83 - Saturday = Youth
KMFDM - Angst
90's Industrial (Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Laibach, KMFDM etc...)(Thanks Kurt)
Slowdive - Souvlaki
90's Shoegaze (Slowdive, Catherine Wheel, My Bloody Valentine etc...)

Recent Obsessions have been (In no particular order):

The Folk Implosion
Bat For Lashes

Blah, blah, blah.
If you ask me I'll tell you wholeheartedly that any of the bands are the business.
That is all get back to work.
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M83 - Saturday = Youth

Well I would just like to say, Godammit I love M83's new album!
Saturday = Youth is fantastic and if you had any sense you would check it out.