27 November 2008

Top Ten Black Metal Albums

Well I finally got there!
In order. I think. I'm not 100% on the order.

Transylvanian Hunger


Morbid Tales

Isle Of Men

Written In Waters

Hades Rise


The Shadowthrone

Beyond The Apocalypse

Kronet Til Konge

Bitch away

25 November 2008

My Top Ten Death Metal Albums

Wow! If you thought picking 10 thrash albums was hard try picking Death Metal Albums!
I think this will cause more of a stir and definately pull up more varied opinions.
In order again 1 to 10!

Individual Thought Patterns

Morbid Tales



Effigy Of The Forgotten



10 Commandments

Soul Of A New Machine

Matando Gueros

Argue after the exclamation mark!

My Top Ten Thrash Albums

Hot topic of the moment!

In order 1 to 10.
It was a tough call.
But I'm brave. I can face the backlash.

Seasons In The Abyss

Dimension Hatross

Persistence Of Time


How Will I Laugh Tomorrow...

Never Neverland

Time Does Not Heal

Extreme Aggression

Twisted Into Form

Fabulous Disaster

There's bound to be some forgotten gems but I'm pretty confident that that's the list.

Compare this to Some Bastards and CForm's opinion!
Cue: abuse